Build your brand
on social media

We're a digital agency in Sydney who has made it easy for brands to build up their social profile at low cost !

How It Works

We have a great team of content producers and graphic designers who come up with unique content to be produced for your brands social media channels. We learn your product; we come up with great social content and we post it - simple really !


We learn all about your brand, product, style, customer base and targeted demographics. We than come up with a theme and social schedule for the month.


Our awesome content producers do what they do best. They create unique content to be posted on your social channels. We share these with you for approval; before scheduling the posts.


Approved content is posted across your Social Channels. By showing your followers and search engines just how active you are socially your brands visibility will no doubt grow.

The Packages

We find that the ideal number of posts per day for maximum engagement is no more than 2 posts whilst for improving social indicators for SEO a minimum of 3 regular posts each week. Our packages are simple - we just charge for the number of content posts we create.


$240 pm
inc GST

Number of Posts

8 Per Month


$20.00 to Boost Posts I'm Interested


$435 pm
inc GST

Number of Posts

15 Per Month


$40.00 to Boost Posts I'm Interested


$840 pm
inc GST

Number of Posts

30 Per Month


$80.00 to Boost Posts I'm Interested


$1,620 pm
inc GST

Number of Posts

60 Per Month


$160.00 to Boost Posts I'm Interested

How does this benefit my brand or business ?

Designers, content producers and social media marketers can cost businesses well over $60,000 pa just in an employees wage. For a fraction of the cost Social Crew can take on the role of content production, social postings and boosted ads.


Socia media influences millions of people every second. By creating and posting regular content we engage your potential customers.


By increasing your presence on social media with great content and boosting posts to reach more users - simple probability equals more followers.


Ranking well in Search Engines like Google is impacted by many signals including social. Enhancing social media likely enhances your search rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beautiful Content :) We create images, animations and photos for use on Facebook and Instagram. The content may be informative, humorous, memes, quotes etc...
We provide this service for Facebook and Instagram.
Yes; any creatives we use are always purchased from providers such as Getty Images, Istockphotos or Deposit Photos etc. We ensure any creatives we purchase are licensed for our clients to use on their social media pages.
No; our service is a monthly offering. We hope our good work will keep you on board long term!
We generally prepare all social content posts 1 week in advance of the scheduled post date; providing ample time for feedback, changes and approval to schedule and post.
Every post we create is allowed two amends of copy and imagery!
Our service is run by the company Performance Crew Pty Ltd - a full service digital agency in Redfern, Sydney; Australia with many years experience.
We work with any brand who is looking to post regular content to social media whilst not wanting to employee their very own content producer at 60K+ per year. Most of our clients are small to mid-sized businesses; startups and online retails companies.
Every client will have an account manager and designer who is based from our lovely office in Redfern, Sydney; Australia. We're very good at what we do and extremely time efficient; all of our social work is done here in the Sydney Office!
Every new client is onboarded where we learn about your product, brand and the types of social content you need us to create; this is inclusive in the monthly fee.

Let's get started...